103 Translation of Alit’s Legend

"Long ago, in this land, there was a fist fighter who was always victorious in battle—regarded as the greatest Gladiator…."


"Long ago, in this land, there was a fist fighter who was always victorious in battle—regarded as the greatest Gladiator. He had a rival—and it was the Prince of their country…" The Gladiator and the Prince fought against each other countless times, and through these battles forged a warrior’s bond. The time came for them to settle their score. However, the Prince’s defeat before the magistrate would be unforgivable  Thus, the magistrate’s entourage captured the Gladiator, who had committed no crime. The Gladiator pleaded desperately for his innocence, and so too did the Prince, but with their pleas unheard, in the end, before a great audience, the Gladiator was brutally executed."

[Kotori: how terrible…]

"A long time passed, and that country fell to ruin. [*]It’s said that the Gladiator’s spirit still wanders within the ruins."

[Kaito: Bearing the grudge of being punished for a crime he didn’t commit, huh?]

[Gauche: That ain’t it.]

"He hasn’t had his fill of battle. He’s engulfed by the regret of being unable to settle the score with his rival. And literally, the ruins themselves are engulfed underwater. It’s said that in order to seal the soul of the wandering Gladiator, an embankment formed and sank the ruins."

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